We are pleased to share this first edition of our new monthly newsletter for clients, partners and friends of Private Health Management. We call it Luminis because it is our goal to shed light on the constantly evolving frontier of health care.

We look forward to sharing exciting updates about Private Health, introducing members of our team, highlighting important advances in science and medicine and celebrating some of the health victories we have enabled our clients to achieve.  We remain intensely passionate about our mission to achieve the best of what’s possible in medicine for our clients.  We are delighted to have you with us on our quest to fundamentally transform the health care experience to improve the health outcomes of the people we serve.


It takes an average of seven years for cutting-edge treatments for serious diseases to become the standard of care. But patients with serious diseases don’t have seven years to wait for their treating physicians to learn about and adopt these “new” treatments. So much of our work is focused on bringing the medicine of tomorrow to our clients TODAY. Our team serves as fierce advocates, care navigators and integrators between our clients and their primary physicians, specialists, laboratories, insurance and the health care system at large. That coordination is critical, but it isn’t enough. Our team of PhD research scientists provide highly personalized, data-driven recommendations on the latest diagnostics, treatments and/or clinical trials that are both progressive and aggressive. We guide clients and their families through their entire journey from diagnosis to care to recovery.

"We remain intensely passionate about our mission to achieve the best of what’s possible in medicine for our clients."

Each month, we’ll share timely insights, information and cases from the next frontier of medicine. This month, we’ve included:


  • A compelling case study of a young woman we helped win her fight against an aggressive form of breast cancer.

  • A discussion on how to combat the significant increase in mental health issues driven by the pandemic.

  • An invitation to register for our next COVID-19 Ask the Experts webinar on October 28 where we’ll discuss safer approaches to travel and the latest COVID-19 treatments.

  • A video about developing a defense system against the virus from our COVID-19 Medical Director, Dr. Rutland.


We hope you find something useful for you and those you care about. I encourage you to write to me directly to share your feedback and even suggest future topics that you would find valuable in your own health journey.


Be well,