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Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Cancer Care

Published April 17th, 2023

In the latest episode of the Springbuk podcast, Natalya Gertsik, Ph.D., Vice President, ClearCancer Solution Management, at Private Health Management, and a contributor to the 2023 Springbuk Employee Health Trends report, joins Jennifer Jones and Mike Pattengale to chat through sophisticated solutions for complex cancer care.

A 2023 Business Group on Health survey showed that for the first time in history, cancer overtook musculoskeletal disease as the top cost driver for employers. Dr. Gertsik says this is a major issue for employers and their employees because of three main deficiencies in our healthcare system related to cancer care:

  • limited access
  • inadequate communication
  • inefficiency

She describes the respective underlying issues with Centers of Excellence and community-based oncologists, and then explains how PHM is applying an ”independence clinical excellence model” to address these deficiencies and challenges.

Catch the full conversation here.