Why Private Health Management

Care without


Our unique approach to healthcare provides the best preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency care from the world’s top physicians

Private Health Management is unlike any other healthcare navigator. We offer:


  • Extensive Experience: we have managed thousands of cases around the world

  • Compassionate Care Teams: 24|7 support from clinician-led teams

  • Personalized Health Research: MDs, PhDs and PharmDs research the latest medical advances

  • Access to the World’s Best Physicians: relationships with more than 15,000 physicians in more than 350 specialties

  • Independent Design: solely focused on you; independent of all hospitals and insurers  

Uniquely Qualified

Decades of Experience

In-House Medical Research Department

Deep Understanding of the Healthcare System


Deep Relationships

with Expert Physicians


Expertise Managing the Toughest 1% of Cases and Across the Entire Spectrum

How We Find the Best Physicians

We use a proprietary data-driven method to select the most qualified experts and treatment centers with a track record of excellence. Here are some of our criteria:



  • Institutional affiliations

  • Academic and faculty leadership positions

  • Specialty society positions

  • Education and training

  • Publications in peer reviewed journals

  • Medical licensure status

  • Experience

  • Clinical trial access

  • Latest medical technology

  • Published outcomes data

  • Geographic convenience

  • Medical center quality

  • Physician reputation

  • Responsiveness

  • Bedside manner

  • Commitment

  • Willingness to collaborate