Physician Perspectives


We help the world's best physicians be at the top of their game and get their patients the resources they need

“As a physician, I am continuously impressed with how Private Health supports both clients and physicians. I see clients benefit from high-quality comprehensive support, communication and attention to detail. I welcome the opportunity to coordinate the best possible treatment in collaboration with Private Health and know that I can stay as involved as I want to be with a great support team.”


Dr. Michelle Israel, Internal Medicine, Los Angeles

“Private Health enables me to function at the highest professional level by presenting a complete, organized and summarized record of a patient’s entire medical history so that I can help achieve the best results.”


                  – Dr. Ken Cohen, Psychiatry, New York

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Private Health for the past 5 years and regularly refer my patients with serious medical issues to them. When Private Health sources and consults with internationally-renowned specialists, my patients see a big difference in their treatment and outcomes.”


                 – Dr. John Enayati, Primary Care, Los Angeles 

“Private Health is an invaluable service helping the physician to provide optimal care, tailored to the patient, and focused on optimal outcomes.  Prior to a consultation, the Private Health Team provides the consultant with all relevant records including prior testing, physician opinion and images in a convenient rapidly accessible  format. During the patient evaluation their caring team is readily available to help further implementation of a treatment plan facilitating contact with an array of experts and facilities. Indeed the availability of such highly competent professionals provides a powerful resource in patient care.


                  – Dr. James A. Blake, Cardiology, New York

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