Private Health Management

COVID-19 Home Clinical Care Program

We look forward to helping you obtain

the healthcare you need, when you need it

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If you have questions about how to protect yourself or think you need to be tested

  • Schedule a consultation with a clinician to discuss your concerns and answer your COVID-19 related questions. 

  • Get guidance on how to reduce your risk of exposure and infection

  • Understand if you are at higher risk for a more severe reaction and discuss steps to take extra precautions

  • Discuss testing options if you have been exposed or have symptoms that may be COVID-19 related

  • Get help getting the right kind of test and understanding the results


If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms

  • Meet with a clinician for an assessment of your medical history, current symptoms and available home support

  • Receive a home care kit with tools to help monitor your symptoms and vitals

  • Meet with your care team twice a day by phone or video to check your progress and answer questions

  • Learn how to effectively self-isolate at home and prepare in advance should you need hospitalization


If your symptoms become severe and your care team recommends you seek hospital care

  • Your care team consults with a physician to confirm next steps

  • Your care navigator helps find an available hospital and works to have you directly admitted instead of going through the emergency room

  • Your care team educates you on what to expect in the hospital and keeps your family informed of your progress throughout your stay

  • Your care team works with the hospital to get you out of the hospital as soon as it is safe


When you are released from the hospital to recover at home

  • Your care team will meet with hospital staff to review your release and recovery plan

  • Your care team will help you obtain any special equipment and help manage your medications

  • Your care team will meet with you twice daily by phone or video to monitory your progress as you recovery physically, mentally and emotionally