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Comprehensive Preventative Healthcare

Proactively manage your family's health for optimal results

Access to world's best medical care

Proactive services and support

24|7 clinician access

At home or across the world

We manage all your family’s health care needs, from questions about medical concerns to assured access to first-rate care while you travel to Intensive Case Management for serious issues (guaranteed access included).

Private Health Management® services deliver priority access to expert physicians, custom health and travel health reports, logistical coordination and medical records management.

Client Stories

Food Poisoning On A Business Trip

food poisoning in rio on business


pediatric respiratory distress

Pediatric Respiratory Distress



Vision Correction Surgery 

vision correction surgery



Severe Allergies

severe allergies


Gestational Hypertension


gestational hypertension


Deep Vein Thrombosis


deep vein thrombosis in Rome



Rash in Ethiopia  

rash while traveling in Ethiopia



Potential Lyme Disease


potential lyme disease


Root Canal

in Barcelona 


root canal in Barcelona


Retinal Detachment


retinal detachment


Membership Services And Resources

Personal Care Team

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Your Personal Care Team is available 24|7 to assess and coordinate all of your health care needs, no matter what the issue, no matter where you are in the world

Urgent Intervention

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On-call clinicians provide 24|7 medical support in the event of a medical emergency or urgent medical situation

Physician Referrals

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Identification of the most applicable experienced and capable specialists, appointment scheduling and follow up


Expert Physician Access

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Coordinated access to our global network of more than 15,000 elite physicians, including specialists in 350 specialties and sub-specialties


Medical Records Collection

& Maintenance

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Collection, centralization, digitization and ongoing management of all of your medical records, including digital access

Custom Research Reports

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Research support from our team of MD and PhD scientists to address any health-related questions, concerns or issues

Travel Health Reports

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Support includes pre-trip reports that identify the best physicians and care resources for your travel destinations and access to our network physicians in more than 180 countries

Ask Our Clients


“I’m a client of Private Health and I’m a huge fan. I recommend it to everyone I can. The more well-resourced and well-connected you are, the more you need Private Health. You need someone to help you cull through all the options that are available to you…to help you understand what makes sense. Your health is everything. So why wouldn’t you want an advisor who is best in class, who can help you think through and look around the corner, understand where there are incredibly innovative options or options that are not right for you? To not have this strikes me as being incredibly short-sighted…being penny-wise and pound foolish.” 


– Ken Mehlman, Global Head of Public Affairs, KKR; Former RNC Chairman

“Having Private Health is one of the most important things in our life, because without health we really have nothing. When there is something that presents itself, whether it's relatively minor or serious, it's someone who knows your family and jumps into action in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, to really help you navigate a situation. It is unbelievably valuable. ” 


– Jeff Rowbottom, Managing Director, PSP Investments 

“Private Health Management has provided the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, professional health consultation I have ever received. They navigated the maze of specialists on my behalf and the coordination that the Private Health team delivered has been exceptional. It’s like having a network of top notch specialists as your best friends. Private Health involvement saved me a huge amount of time which I could then channel to my work.” 


– Meredith

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“My experience with Private Health Management has been spectacular. They helped me vet the top select few doctors within my criteria. With a family of 6, Private Health Management has been a key part of finding the right doctor for my constantly changing family needs… doing research I would have to do myself saving me hours of time and days of research…PHM is a life saver (literally for me.) I can't imagine ever seeking a doctor without PHM's help. They… will always be the first I go to with any medical needs.”   


– Jenna

“Two months after the birth of my daughter, I noticed an inflamed lymph node in my neck. After months of tests and a surgery, it was determined to be thyroid cancer. I immediately reached out to Private Health and within a few hours of receiving those results I was set up with an appointment with a top (impossible to get in with) surgeon. A process that could have taken many more months of waiting around took less than one week and the surgery was complete. Private Health Management was my advocate and with me the entire process. The team was at my disposal for anything: same day appointment with ANYONE that could help my case, insight from their team of doctors via email and conference calls and all the literature one could imagine. I could never repay this team for what they’ve done for my family.” 

– Amanda

Asset 5@4x.png

“I had seen more than 20 different top specialists to try to figure out what was causing my symptoms. Each one saw the issue only through the lens of their specialty but no one saw the whole picture. None of the specialists communicated with each other. Then I hired Private Health Management. Everything changed. They gathered and reviewed every page of my medical records, imaging, lab tests etc. They actually reviewed it all and identified things in my records I wasn’t even aware of. They interviewed me intensely about my symptoms.

I could NEVER have done this on my own, even if I knew exactly the right experts to see. Without Private Health Management ensuring the communication and coordination of the various specialists, my care would have continued to be chaotic and confusing. I’m 100% better for one reason…Private Health Management made it happen. I will be eternally grateful.”


– Lisa