Leslie D. Michelson

Executive Chairman

Leslie Michelson is Founder of Private Health Management and Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors. Mr. Michelson's best-selling book, The Patient’s Playbook: How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love, empowers readers to achieve the best possible health outcomes. He is CEO of The  Patient’s Playbook, which delivers content to help people become more effective health care consumers across multiple forms of media. 

Mr. Michelson has been involved in almost all aspects of the health care system, starting at age 29 when he served as Special Assistant to the General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a position he held during the Carter and Reagan administrations. Since then, he has founded and led five entrepreneurial health care companies focused on improving quality of care; he was CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the world’s largest source of philanthropic support for prostate cancer research; and he has been an active investor, advisor, and board member for many companies. 


He is on the Advisory Board of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the board of the ALS Therapy Development Institute. He also serves as a director of a number of real estate investment trusts, business development corporations, and health services and life sciences companies. 


Mr. Michelson received his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and J.D. from Yale Law School.