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New Whitepaper Available! Why Every Employer Needs a Molecular Profiling Strategy


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Published Research

May 10, 2023

Innovative treatment for prostate cancer shows long-term success

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the fifth leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Despite decades of research and multiple treatment options including chemo and hormone therapies, many patients still experience worsening disease and develop metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), which is typically fatal. Providing these patients with access to improved treatments may help them to survive longer and improve their quality of life. PHM’s research has been published in the peer-reviewed publication “Frontiers in Oncology.” In this case report, we summarize the treatment course for a 73-year-old male patient, who came to PHM for assistance in managing his mCRPC. Read now

Ask Our Experts

April 27, 2023

Women’s heart health risk: 1 in 3 deaths each year

Cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke, cause 1 in 3 deaths in women each year1. Some symptoms that women commonly experience during a heart attack are more subtle than the “classic” male symptoms. As a result, many women may not realize they are having a cardiovascular emergency and fail to seek treatment. Here, PHM share valuable information about heart attack and strokes in women, including new tools that are available for managing your heart health, along with symptoms, prevention, and risk management. Read now

Published Research

April 27, 2023

Actions for employers to mitigate cancer risk

Advancements in cancer care over the past 20 years have been transformational, driven by updated recommendations in cancer screening, emergence of molecular diagnostic tools to guide treatments, and the development of cutting-edge therapeutics. Each offers the potential for better outcomes, but employers are faced with the challenge of ensuring these often costly tools and treatments are used effectively.

In the newly published whitepaper, "Managing Cancer Care in Your Health Plan," Private Health Management (PHM) and Springbuk experts provide insights for employers to improve cancer outcomes and optimize cancer spend. Download the whitepaper now.

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April 26, 2023

Employers can play a significant role in closing the clinical quality gap in cancer

In the 2023 "Managing Cancer Care in Your Health Plan" whitepaper, PHM brings clinical insights to Springbuk's claims data from more than 1,000 select employers consisting of 1.7 million lives covered. The paper identifies three areas of opportunities for companies to:

  1. Encourage prevention through advanced screenings to achieve better health outcomes at lower treatment costs.
  2. Enable molecular profiling, still highly underutilized, to ensure cancers are appropriately characterized and individuals are benefiting from the latest in precision medicine.
  3. Optimize drug spend by making informed formulary decisions, not merely restricting use of high-cost drugs.
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Published Research

January 26, 2023

An Inside Look at Employee Health Trends

PHM is pleased to be a contributing partner to Springbuk’s 2023 Employee Health Trends report. The newly released report provides recommendations that will impact how benefits leaders plan, deliver, and evaluate employee benefits programs.

  1. Effects of COVID-19 on costs and health
  2. Surges in cancer costs
  3. Specialty drug use
  4. Telemedicine & mental health services

Dr. Natalya Gertsik, PHM’s Vice President, ClearCancer Solution Management, offers key insights on earlier cancer detection, improving outcomes, and reducing cancer-related spending.

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Ask Our Experts

January 26, 2023

FDA Approves New Alzheimer’s Treatment: What to know About Leqembi® (lecanemab)

Leqembi® (lecanemab) was approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease in January, 2023 under the FDA’s Accelerated Approval process for diseases with an unmet need for treatment.1 The manufacturers, Eisai pharmaceuticals, plan to submit data for full FDA approval by the end of March 2023.

Here, we answer some common questions about Leqembi and summarize what is known about its safety and effectiveness. Patients and their families should speak with their physician and weigh the potential benefits and risks before deciding whether to seek treatment with Leqembi. Read now

Case Study

January 26, 2023

PHM has your back

The ability to live a normal life versus one that is defined by pain can change in an instant. Amanda was enjoying a weekend with friends in California’s wine country. As she took in a spectacular view, she suddenly began to experience unimaginable pain that began in her lower back and radiated down her legs.

Amanda couldn’t turn, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t even move.

Amanda spent the next few days making agonizing trips to emergency rooms where she was given the same prescription for pain medication and told that her pain wasn’t severe enough for her to be admitted or receive an MRI.

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