Global Care For Your Global Needs

Private Health supports your employees in over 180 countries

Private Health Management® services are available around the world 

  • Routine Matters: We identify and arrange appointments with pediatricians, primary care physicians, gynecologists, dentists and more

  • Serious Health Issues: We have handled a suspicious breast lump in Moscow, a major orthopedic trauma in Rome, an exacerbated cardiac issue that required an air medical evacuation in Panama and an infectious rash in Thailand

  • A Priori Medical Resources: We help clients plan for travel to high risk locations such as Pakistan, Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria

  • Travel Risk Management: We help clients manage employee travel risk related to Zika virus, Ebola, TB infection and avian flu

  • Major Events Health Impact: We helped a client after the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, which caused understandable concern by nearby employees regarding radiation and food safety. 


Travel Health Reports

Identification of the best physicians and care resources for your travel destination 

Practical and detailed information at your fingertips


Global Safety Net

Coordination of emergency care and emergency medical evacuations


Global Safety Net of extensively-vetted leading physicians and hospitals across 350 medical specialties in more than 1,000 hospitals in more than 180 countries

Success Stories

“I’m in London and think I just had a heart attack. I’m in an ambulance right now heading to the hospital. Can you please call the hospital and make sure I am getting the right care?” – William

  • Our Medical Director spoke with the attending physicians and provided input and guidance throughout his stay

  • We coordinated a comprehensive discharge plan and managed the collection and transfer of all medical records

  • We arranged and coordinated a team of physicians at home to support William

  • We provided emotional support to his family while he was abroad and once at home

  • We identified the most qualified specialists in Bermuda and checked in on Jack regularly until he returned home

  • When Jack returned home, we sent him to a top specialist who made a potentially life-threatening diagnosis that was completely unrelated to the original injury

  • We managed his care and Jack says that we saved his life

“I’m in Bermuda on a work retreat and had a moped accident. I think I'm badly injured and need medical treatment right away." – Jack

“I’m in Seville on a business trip and think I may have damaged my cornea!” – Rebecca

  • We created a custom travel health report for Rebecca before her departure 

  • When her eyes became very irritated and could not stop tearing, she thought she had injured her cornea, so she went to the ER that we recommended, contacted us, and we consulted with the physician there

  • She was diagnosed with an allergy and provided with antibiotics that cleared it up and she was able to continue her trip