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PHM Launches ClearCancerIQ™ for Employers Seeking to Improve Cancer Care and Reduce Spend


Invest in your health

Our complex healthcare system can make getting the most routine care difficult, or anything more serious, overwhelming. It’s tempting to take a more reactive approach, dealing with issues as they come, but this can be both expensive and ineffective.

Taking a more proactive approach can go a long way in reducing long-term risks. This is exactly what our health memberships are designed to achieve for you and your loved ones.

What we do

A healthcare champion for you and your family

Through PHM’s ClearImpact+, a Personal Care Team gets to know you and your health priorities. We help set goals, coordinate screenings, handle logistics, and provide access to a network of the world’s best medical resources – making it simple for you and your family to take a proactive and preventative approach to your health.


Services you can count on

While over 80% of Americans had some form of healthcare coverage, roughly 25% didn’t go to the doctor for a routine check-up in the past year.-Business Insider

A Personal Care Team
Physicians, advanced practice clinicians, clinical service coordinators, and research scientists who help educate and advocate at each stage of your care journey

Proactive Care Planning
Comprehensive review of each family member’s health history to proactively identify key issues and opportunities to optimize their health and care resources

Expert Physicians Referrals
Our global provider network of more than 16,000 highly qualified physicians and specialty providers across all specialties and sub-specialties

24|7 Emergency Medical Support
On-call clinicians ready to assist in the event of any medical emergency or urgent medical situation

Customized Health Research
Individualized health research from our team of PhD scientists, PharmDs, and MDs to address any health-related questions, concerns, or issues

Travel Health Reports
Pre-trip reports that identify the best physicians and care resources for your destination, along with access to our network of physicians in more than 180 countries

Medical Records Collection & Maintenance
Collection, centralization, digitization, and ongoing management of all your medical records, including digital access

Global Safety Net
Emergency care for medical emergencies occurring outside your home country via pre-screened local hospitals and physicians in 180 countries

How we do it

Beginning with initial assessment and specialized screenings, we create a customized action plan to help optimize each member’s health. We’ll also conduct medical records reviews, executive physicals, and customized research based on each member’s unique needs.



  • Conduct complete health survey
  • Collect and review all medical records
  • Identify health risks and priorities


  • Conduct targeted screenings
  • Prepare comprehensive clinical summary
  • Prepare multidisciplinary baseline assessment and guidance


  • Set health performance goals
  • Develop Health Action Plan with quarterly progress targets
  • Consult with dedicated care team and outside experts


  • Conduct ongoing coaching with regular progress reviews
  • Provide dedicated logistical support to stay on track
  • Provide personalized research

Going further for our members