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We’re here
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Our focus is to give you greater peace of mind from the very first conversation

On your side,
by your side.

Our independent team of clinical and research experts partner with you to find the right doctors, the correct diagnosis and chart a treatment path for the best possible outcome.

For individuals and families, we offer peace of mind knowing whatever the situation, you and your loved ones will receive world-class medical support, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Health solutions for individuals and families

Intensive Case Management

Intervention for serious or complex conditions using our rigorous four step process to get the best care. A personal care team of clinicians, scientists and coordinators provide expert decision support and guide access to specialists, diagnostics, treatments and clinical trials. The team manages the many care logistics to ensure your treatment plan is fully implemented and adjusted when needed to achieve the best outcome.

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Health Membership

An annual program for generally well individuals and families providing 24/7 clinical support for routine to serious health needs. Access to the best doctors, latest advances in medicine, relevant treatments and personalized care coordination.

Health Membership PLUS

An annual program for individuals with significant or multi-dimensional health needs who require ongoing comprehensive clinical support and care coordination above and beyond a traditional health membership.


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PHM offers reliable COVID-19 rapid antigen testing and RT-PCR self-sample testing from the comfort of your home.

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