Private Health Management® 

Enterprise Health Service

Global healthcare navigation support for employees and dependents

Healthcare quality improvement


cost containment

We focus on your people's health 

so they can focus on your business

The Private Health Management Difference

A fresh perspective on employer healthcare quality improvement and cost containment 


We specialize in expert management of the most challenging and expensive cases that account for most of the costs and quality problems in employed populations. We offer a comprehensive suite of healthcare navigation services that include priority access to the world’s top physicians and customized support from highly-trained clinicians.​

Companies retain us to complement and maximize health insurance for most employees and dependents and pay a per employee/per month fee.





Clinical support and empowerment services that improve quality of care,

contain unnecessary costs

and reduce anxiety and frustration

  • Clinicians available 24|7

  • Access to top physicians

  • Customized health research 

  • Global support for all issues 

  • The best preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency care 

  • Unnecessary costs contained

  • One of the most valued health benefits


24|7 Clinical Support

• On-call clinicians provide 24|7 medical support for medical emergencies or urgent situations 

• Personal Care Team: clinician, coordinator are consistent points of contact

Expert Physician 

Referrals & Access

• Expert physician referrals based on clinical need, geography and health insurance parameters

• Logistical support includes appointment scheduling, coordination a

Global Safety Net

• Comprehensive care management for serious medical conditions across the spectrum of medicine

• Creation and implementation of a custom care plan that includes priority access to top physicians, custom medical literature research, logistics coordination, emotional and decision-making support

• Proprietary 4-step evidence-based process: Immersion, Diagnosis, Treatment and Implementation with oversight and coordination by a dedicated Personal Care team (clinician, researcher and coordinator)

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• Health support in more than 180 countries from leading physicians and top hospitals

• Coordination of emergency care and medical evacuations. Learn more.


Custom Health 

Research Reports

• Customized, objective research reports to address any health-related questions

• Prepared by our PhD-led Research Department


Our involvement improves our clients' lives clinically, emotionally and financially


Other Private Health Management® Services

Our Intensive Case Management Service is designed for individuals with serious medical needs

Our Membership Program is designed for individuals and families who are generally well