Enterprise Health Solutions

Healthcare for employees and dependents

Private Health Management provides an independent, uniquely informed and integrated approach to solving complex health problems. Our team of PhD-led research scientists and highly skilled clinicians join forces with an extensive network of world class physicians to not only provide better care, but to consistently deliver better health outcomes for our valued clients.


Private Health’s Enterprise Health Solutions provides comprehensive care management and navigation to keep the cost of healthcare low for businesses, while providing optimal care for employees and their dependents. Our Executive Services program takes healthcare to the next level. Our proactive, holistic approach provides executives and their families top-tier care. Our Comprehensive Navigation Service is our highly personalized clinical support for a company’s employees to improve quality of care, minimize stress and reduce wasted spend. This includes access to our highly personalized Intensive Case Management Service for complex conditions.

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Clinical Support

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Expert Physician 


  • A Personal Care Team supporting all aspects of your healthcare 

  • 24/7 support for urgent medical situations

  • Customized expert referrals based on  your clinical need, location and health insurance coverage

  • Network of top providers, including over 16,000 physicians and surgeons

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Logistical Support

  • Comprehensive healthcare management to help you get the best possible care and outcome when you have a serious medical condition


  • Securing and coordinating appointments with providers

  • Transferring medical records if needed for an appointment

  • Scheduling new consultations and follow up visits