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Precision Oncology Solution

Helping employees when time
is of the essence

Finally, a lifeline for cancer patients and their employers

Cancer is chaos – biologically at cellular level, systemically at treatment level, and professionally for both patients and employers.

When confronted with a cancer diagnosis, employees not only confront intense emotions, but also the practical complexity of getting an accurate diagnosis, finding the right specialists, obtaining additional expert opinions, researching the latest treatment options, and then making treatment decisions.

You’re already spending more on cancer than on any other condition. And with the overwhelming proliferation in new diagnostic tests, treatments, and specialty pharmaceuticals, that cost is rising. PHM’s Precision Oncology Solution has been designed specifically to protect businesses against the real potential for disruption or loss of key talent while fulfilling your priority as an employer to help employees access the best care and outcomes.

Better cancer care is possible

The future of cancer care is here, but it’s neither widely adopted nor equitably distributed.

Recent advances in biomedical research are revolutionizing cancer care, making prevention, earlier detection, and more precise and effective treatment possible. However, inefficiency and fragmentation in our healthcare system means that patients often have limited access to the latest potentially life-saving innovations.

PHM stays up-to-date with the latest treatments and knows how to access them on your behalf.

Advances in biomedical research are revolutionizing cancer care

  • The NCI alone spends more than $6B annually on cancer research
  • 34% of biopharmaceutical assets in development are related to cancer
  • 28% of active clinical trials are focused on cancer
  • Complex molecular-level precision diagnostics and treatments enable more effective and less toxic treatment options

Constraints in the Healthcare System

  • Difficult for oncologists to stay current with latest research
  • Insurance limits on reimbursement, networks, and treatments
  • Incentives for hospitals to refer within their own networks
  • Physician constraints on time
  • Difficulty finding and getting enrolled in clinical trials

We’re experts in optimizing cancer care

Identifying and gaining access to the BEST CARE is more challenging and more important than ever

Our proprietary approach to cancer care is built on insights we’ve gained over 15 years of managing the toughest cancer cases with patients and their physicians:

  • It doesn’t have to cost more to get the best care and outcomes
  • The difference between cancer care using the latest biomedical advances and the routine care most patients receive is particularly pronounced in cancer. The best treatments significantly increase the chance of extending and saving lives.
  • Patients want expert opinions to understand their full range of treatment options
  • Patients value independent and objective guidance to support informed choices
  • Patients and their families need clinical, intellectual, emotional, and logistical support

Cancer is extraordinarily complex and hard to impact. Unlike other conditions, it’s not one disease, it’s hundreds.

PHM closes the gap

We create order from chaos for employees with cancer and for their employers – delivering better care and outcomes.

  • We work with you to predict cancer prevalence across your employee population and find ways for early identification of employees who would benefit from intervention early  in their disease
  • We improve your visibility and control over your cancer exposure as an employer, ensuring dollars are spent wisely via correct diagnoses, appropriate treatment plans, and integrated care across all providers
  • We open the door to access top experts to explore the most promising science-based care options
  • Through a rigorous 4-step care management system, we stand alongside employees and their families throughout their cancer journey, with extensive knowledge of the latest treatment options and deep relationships with top physicians, specialists, and hospitals to help them make every decision about their care with confidence

With Private Health, you get a highly personalized:


Proprietary approach brings together:

  • Deep clinical and scientific insights and integrated clinical, educational, and logistical support
  • Extensive relationships across medical systems from diagnostics through treatment
  • Rigorous 4 step care management system to achieve best possible outcomes
  • Intake and health history review
  • Medical records collection
  • Comprehensive clinical summary
  • Advanced molecular diagnostics
  • Consultations with leading specialists
  • Diagnosis confirmation
  • Personalized treatment options
  • Education and decision support
  • Clinical trial matching and enrollment
  • Optimized Treatment Plan
  • Care coordination and clinical support
  • Treatment response monitoring
  • Side effect management
  • Patient/family multi-dimensional support


Our personalized approach addresses an individual’s clinical, intellectual, emotional, and logistical needs. We identify and engage patients and their physicians in an integrated care experience that is technology enabled and information rich.


PHM improves the quality of care through efficient implementation of care plans based on the correct diagnosis and treatment options at the earliest point in the individual’s cancer journey. Employees and their employers benefit on multiple levels.


  • Ensure every dollar spent on most appropriate diagnostics and treatment
  • Avoid costs from misdiagnosis, unnecessary hospitalizations, and ineffective treatment
  • Take full advantage of clinical trials (which are fully funded) and can provide early access to promising new therapeutics


  • Minimize lost productivity for patients and/or caregivers
  • Minimize days off work or leave of absence by avoiding misdiagnoses and minimizing side effects
  • Improve chances for return to work


  • Relief for patient and family
  • Right provider for right treatment
  • Greater confidence in decision making
  • Improved care experience & compliance
  • Enhanced ability to focus on getting well
  • More time

It all adds up to better care

We aren’t daunted by even the toughest cases. Here are a few examples of how PHM has made a difference: