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Health Risk

Strategies to protect your
workforce and workplace

Delivering health risk insight for strategic decision making.

We work with you to provide actionable insights to predict, prepare, and manage workforce related health risk.

Business success depends heavily on the health and productivity of employees. PHM provides health risk insight and strategic guidance on infectious disease and emerging health threats to businesses of all sizes. We advise executive teams, support Chief Medical Officers or serve as an adjunct Chief Health Officer.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted new and serious risks to workplace safety and workforce health.  The outdated paradigm of “Health and Safety” focused on avoiding workplace injuries is not designed to manage the threat of infectious disease and other health risks that disrupt employee well-being and business continuity. Experts predict future breakouts and other health disruptions becoming more commonplace and, like this pandemic, lasting longer than anticipated.  We can help with today’s challenges and whatever the future may bring.


Our services are customized to match each client’s unique needs and priorities

Safety Protocols

Develop protocols and policies to support safe work practices

Employee Support

Provide clinical management, treatment recommendations, virtual monitoring, education and support for sick or worried employees and their families

Rapid Response

Advise clients on actions to take in the event of exposure or infection outbreaks or other imminent health risks


Monitor for infectious disease threats in your business locations including novel viruses and variants


Advise on effective interventions and treatments

Return to Office Strategies

Develop strategies and timelines for safely bringing employees back to onsite workplace settings

Infectious Disease Testing

Evaluate and advise on latest testing technologies and develop custom testing strategies based on company needs and constraints

Vaccine Advisory & Access

Advise on all aspects of the vaccine landscape including efficacy, boosters, side effects, breakthrough infections and access

Educational Programming

Share webinars, podcasts, and briefs to combat misinformation and keep your team and employees informed with the latest science-backed information

We bring a unique combination of science, risk management, and health and business operations knowledge to deliver integrated insights to company’s pressing health risk issues.

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