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Taking care
of business

We help keep your people healthier and more productive – at work and at home

Taking care
of people

Despite your significant investment in employee health, people still often struggle to get the care they need. Establishing the underlying problem, finding the right providers, and scheduling appointments and follow-ups while balancing work commitments can be overwhelming.

PHM’s Health Memberships help your employees stay on top of their health needs and make the most of their current health benefits. Not another “wellness program,” we deliver science-backed health guidance and logistical coordination that helps your people focus on what really matters to maintaining and improving health.

Health solutions for businesses

Intensive Case Management

Intervention for serious or complex conditions using our rigorous four step process to get the best care. A Personal Care Team of clinicians, scientists, and coordinators provide expert decision support and guide access to specialists, diagnostics, treatments, and clinical trials. The team manages the many care logistics to ensure your treatment plan is fully implemented and adjusted when needed to achieve the best outcome.

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Intensive Case Guidance

Expert personal guidance for serious or complex conditions to help employees understand their condition, confirm their diagnosis, access the best care, and make informed decisions about the best course of treatment.

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Intensive and highly personalized cancer care management drawing on more than 14 years of experience successfully managing the most complex cancers. PHM improves visibility and control of cancer cases for employers, assuring every dollar is spent wisely. A Personal Care Team handles all of the care logistics and champions each patient through a rigorous process covering immersion, diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment implementation, and ongoing monitoring.

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Employee Health Membership

A 24/7 clinical support program for routine to serious health needs. Includes access to the best doctors, latest advances in medicine, relevant treatments, and personalized care coordination.

Executive Health Membership

A prevention and health optimization membership program. Includes a custom designed plan covering specialized screenings, personalized research, and dedicated clinical coaching focused on each person’s health goals.

Also available: Executive PEAK Health Membership

A customized health performance program for executives committed to optimizing their health and wellbeing.

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Health Risk Advisory

PHM provides health risk insight and strategic guidance on infectious disease and other emerging health threats. We provide actionable science-backed insights to predict, prepare for, and manage risks to protect the health, safety, and productivity of your workforce.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges to business continuity, workforce and family health, workplace safety, and stakeholder relationships. PHM offers a variety of customized COVID-19 de-risking solutions covering testing, vaccinations, workplace protocols, rapid response, and individual care.

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