Welcome Back

For Prostate Cancer Awareness month, we are sharing one of our many success stories with this disease that will affect 1 in 9 men in their lifetimes. In fact, our CEO, Gregg Britt, and I solidified our partnership years ago through our work leading the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the world’s largest source of philanthropic funding for prostate cancer research.

We founded Private Health Management because we saw first-hand the explosion in more informative cancer diagnostics and more effective, less toxic treatments. But we knew that the increasingly complex and fragmented health care system would make it difficult for people to get timely access to these life-saving advances. We launched the company to address that challenge.


Through thousands of cases, we have shown that our expert, personalized and independent research, guidance and care integration extends and saves lives.  In my new role as Executive Chairman, I’ll be helping the team to build on the experiences and insights we’ve gained over the last twelve years to create scalable solutions to help far more individuals and families benefit from the most advanced and effective heath care.


While we work across the entire medical spectrum, nearly two thirds of our intensive cases are cancer. Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis for the individual and their family. The entire Private Health team is committed to providing cancer patients the comprehensive support they need to obtain the proper diagnostic testing, identify and gain timely access to the most capable experts, and create objective decision-making frameworks informed by the medical literature.  While our hope is that you will never need us, we will be here if you do.


We hope you take away a helpful insight for you or someone important to you from this month’s issue:

  • Case Study: Stopping Prostate Cancer in Its Tracks

  • COVID-19 Insights: Explaining the Latest Vaccine Developments

  • Health Reminder: Flu Shots Are Especially Important This Year

  • New Solutions: Holiday COVID-19 Testing Strategies

  • COVID-19 Ask-The-Experts Webinar: Join December 2 at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET

  • Watch This: PHM’s Dr. Natalya Gertsik explains the CDC’s revised close contact definition and Dr. Jamie Rutland discusses how vaccines work

Since early February, I’ve also been spending a lot of time developing programs to assist individuals and companies with COVID-19. I look forward to sharing our perspective on what to expect in the coming months, especially on vaccines, testing and treatments. [Spoiler alert: it is largely good news!] Please contact me directly if are interested in a briefing for your organization.

Be well,


Leslie Michelson

Executive Chairman, Private Health Management, Inc.