Cancer Intensive Case Management 

The world's best cancer care when you need it most

The world's best medical care when you need it most

Superior cancer treatment navigation and outcomes 

Priority access to the world's best physicians

AI-powered medical literature research

Custom, cutting-edge treatment plans

Comprehensive care coordination

24|7 clinician support  

Our Cancer Intensive Case Management Service provides people dealing with cancer access to the world’s best medical resources, the creation and implementation of a custom care plan and comprehensive support throughout your cancer journey.


Our comprehensive service is like no other. We understand how complex cancer is, are up-to-date on the latest diagnostic tools and well-versed in the rapidly evolving state of the art of cancer treatment. We have spent the last decade studying cancer in great detail and know how to leverage the benefits of research, involve the top cancer experts and their unique experience and guidance, and conduct comprehensive reviews of all the most effective treatments, including those (a) being evaluated in clinical trials, (b) used in creative “off-label” treatment cocktails, (c) available via compassionate access programs inside and outside the U.S. and (d) those under FDA evaluation.


Cancer Intensive Case Management Service delivers priority access to top physicians, medical literature research, logistics coordination and emotional and decision-making support when you need it most. Your Personal Care Team will become immersed in your case, ensuring that you are treated by the most experienced and specialized physicians, that your diagnosis is correct and that your treatment plan is optimized for your needs. Your team also coordinates all logistics, including scheduling medical appointments, providing you and your family peace of mind at this challenging time. 

Private Health Management manages cases across the entire spectrum of cancer. We are independent of all hospitals and health plans so that we can focus solely on you.

Our Unique Approach

Our proven 4-step process ensures that you receive the best of what's possible in medicine today:


We perform a deep dive into your medical history 


We ensure that you receive the right cancer diagnosis


We build a custom care plan in consultation with the world’s best cancer experts


We make sure that your care plan is properly implemented

Services and Resources


  • Guidance from Leading Specialists: We believe in expert opinions, not just second opinions, which too often result in confusion instead of better care. We identify and secure priority access to the most experienced and capable specialists to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your cancer diagnosis. We work closely with as many leading specialists as needed to determine exactly the right care plan for you and your specific health need. 

  • Molecular Diagnostics: We ensure that you benefit from the latest developments in molecular diagnostics so that your treatment addresses the exact pathways activated in your cancer and offers the most promising results.

  • Individualized, AI-Powered Proprietary Health Research: Our unique in-house research department of MD, PhD and PharmD scientists scour the medical literature to ensure that the latest findings guide your care plan. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art research engine enables us to efficiently identify and analyze the most relevant publications in the vast and rapidly expanding medical literature. We investigate and evaluate innovative technologies, including new drugs and devices, new diagnostic modalities and clinical trials.

  • Leading-Edge Treatment Options (including clinical trials): We explore treatments that fall outside of standard guidelines, including  treatments under FDA evaluation, “off label” use of approved treatments and clinical trials. We work closely with your physicians to adjust your current treatment regimens to comply with clinical trial requirements as needed.

  • Education on Treatment Options and Decision Support: We help you understand your health, prognosis and options, empowering you to take control of your care. We discuss the pros and cons of each treatment option and provide the information you need to make an educated decision about your care. 

  • Treatment Response and Disease Recurrence Monitoring: We ensure that all imaging and laboratory studies are regularly and properly conducted to catch any early signs of poor treatment response or disease recurrence. We can then identify a need for additional or different treatments and pursue those paths with you.

  • Medical Records Collection and Review: We collect and review all your medical records on an ongoing basis to make sure that we fully address all your health issues.

  • Comprehensive Supportive Care and Logistics: We manage all logistics related to your care, including scheduling appointments and coordinating with all members of your care team. We source and involve all appropriate supportive care providers including nutritionists, psychosocial support providers, physical therapists, trainers, private duty nurses and others to ensure that you feel wholly supported in every dimension of your care. We facilitate communication so that everyone works together as one team.

  • Side Effects Minimization and Management: We proactively address treatment-related quality of life issues and work with your physicians to minimize side effects and manage them as effectively as possible.

  • Global Research: We research and evaluate cutting edge treatments around the world to determine if they are a fit for your specific health needs. 

Ask Our Clients


Ovarian Cancer


ovarian cancer survivor

Amir Haque

Founder & CEO, Supermoon





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John Wigle AGIA

John Wigle

Chairman, AGIA




Advanced Cancer




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Cancer Case Examples


Anal cancer


Bladder cancer

Breast cancer

Cancers of unknown primary



Colorectal cancer

Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

Endometrial cancer

Esophageal cancer


Esophageal cancer

Follicular Lymphoma

Glioblastoma (GBM)

Head and neck cancer

Hepatobiliary cancer

HPV-associated cancers

Kidney cancer



Liver cancer



Nerve sheath tumors

Ovarian cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Pineal tumors

Prostate cancer

Renal cell carcinoma


Squamous cell carcinoma

Thyroid cancer

Urothelial cancer

Uterine cancer

Meet Your Team

Our highly-trained teams ensure you get the world's best medical care.

We are with you at every step throughout your health journey.

Personal Care Team

Clinical and Research Teams

Expert Advisory Board

Enhanced Provider Network

Network of Specialist Physicans

  • In-network primary care and specialist physicians in major cities

  • Priority access for our clients

  • Physicians, nurses, and clinical coordinators

  • Consistent point of contact provides personal support, comprehensive care management, and coordination

  • Physicians, scientists, and medical educators

  • Research medical literature, investigate innovative technologies and evaluate physicians via proprietary, state-of-the art technology

  • Deliver custom research reports on your diagnosis and care options

  • World-leading physician specialists

  • Provide expert guidance, help ensure accurate diagnosis and resolve challenging care plans

  • More than 16,000 top physicians in 350 specialties and sub-specialties 

  • Deliver the most cutting-edge medical care in the world

“Our highly-trained teams of clinicians and researchers and rigorous, structured approach to care allow us to deliver the finest clinical care and personalized service. We work closely with the world’s leadings specialist physicians. We do not stop until we have a precise diagnosis and focused treatment plan so that we can obtain the best outcomes for each and every situation.”


Dr. Robert R. Simon, MD, Medical Director

"We have the resources to truly dig in to each client’s specific medical issue at a level of detail that is virtually impossible anywhere else. We investigate medical literature, consult top experts, and attend global scientific conferences with the sole goal of finding the latest, most promising treatments.”


                  – Dr. Eva Gordon, PhD, VP, Research and Client Communications

“Our Personal Care Team clinicians are highly-trained, compassionate, available around the clock and provide the finest clinical and personalized care. We are with our clients for each and every step of their health care journey, ensuring the right diagnostic and therapeutic plans are in place by coupling evidence based treatments with their individual needs. In order to clearly navigate the process, we create clinical summaries, work closely with expert physicians, manage logistics, attend appointments, and make sure that care plans are integrated, comprehensive and coordinated.”


                 – Jennifer Pena, RN, CCRN, MSN, ACNP-C, VP, Clinical Services 

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