Consider a Career
at Private Health

At Private Health, every day we help our clients and their families get better care ― becoming more informed, gaining access to state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, and taking control when things seem out of control.  We are independent of all health plans, carriers, providers, physicians, and hospitals so that we can advance the interests of our clients without conflict or constraint. We have relationships with all, allegiance to none allowing us to remain client-centric.

Our Team


Our team serves as advocates and care navigators helping our clients coordinate their treatment across primary physicians, specialists, laboratories, insurance and the health care system at large. That coordination is critical, but it isn’t enough. Our credentialed team of PhDs, PharmDs, and MPHs conduct medical literature research to ensure each client benefits from the latest findings, diagnostics, treatments and clinical trials. Our dedicated personal care teams provide patients and their families comprehensive and integrated support throughout the duration of their care journey including clinical, logistical, intellectual, and emotional support.

Private Health is committed to understanding and encouraging each team member’s unique needs and aspirations. We strive to create a vibrant and healthy work environment where learning is encouraged, inquisitiveness is celebrated, and excellence is recognized.

As a growing company, we are continually looking for exceptional individuals to join each of our teams:

Research Scientists
PhDs, PharmDs and MPHs who determine the most effective, data-supported treatment options  for our clients by applying meticulous research to solve the most complex health challenges

Advanced Practice Clinicians
Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and RNs trained in our unique approach to supporting both physicians and patients to develop personalized treatment plans, educate and advocate for our clients at each stage in their care journey


Clinical Service Coordinators

MPHs and medical specialists coordinate logistics including appointment scheduling, arranging diagnostic testing, obtaining test results, and communicating with treating physicians and their staff


Medical Records Specialists

Specialists who collect, organize, digitize, and summarize medical records


Referral Specialists

Technically savvy medical professionals who use our proprietary AI tools to find optimal physician referrals from a global database of 350 medical specialties 


Sales & Account Management 

Experienced sales and accounts management leaders and project managers with a track record of bringing innovative healthcare solutions to individuals, families and organizations and ensuring our teams are well equipped to deliver high value service


Business Services Professionals

Leaders and analysts in functional specialties across Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Technology and Legal looking to apply their experience to a boutique business in the midst of strategic transformation in a high growth environment

What we value


We are responsible for our actions and keeping our promises



We tell it like it is; don’t lie and don’t sugarcoat



We challenge the status quo to find the yes behind the no



We address the whole person

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We give and receive feedback so we all can grow



We consider it a privilege to do what we do​

To explore whether Private Health is the next step in your career, visit our Career Center to review current job opportunities or submit your resume for us to keep on file for future openings.