Consider a Career
at Private Health

Our Mission


To achieve the best of what’s possible in medicine for our clients

It takes an average of seven years for cutting-edge new treatments for serious diseases to become the standard of care.  But patients with serious diseases don’t have seven years to wait for their treating physicians to learn about and adopt these “new” treatments. At Private Health, we are closing that gap by bringing the medicine of tomorrow to our clients TODAY.

Our Ethos


Providing highly personalized care is at the core of everything we do at Private Health. More than a decade ago, we started with the belief that people facing complex medical challenges could achieve life-changing results if they had access to independent and personalized care. Every day we help our clients and their families get better care ― becoming more informed, gaining access to state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, and taking control when things seem out of control.  We take care to a whole new level and it makes all the difference.

Our Team


Our team serves as experienced integrators, fierce advocates, and care navigators helping our clients coordinate their treatment across primary physicians, specialists, laboratories, insurance and the health care system at large. That coordination is critical, but it isn’t enough. Our team of PhD research scientists provide highly personalized, data-driven recommendations on the latest diagnostics, treatments and/or clinical trials that are both progressive and aggressive. We guide clients and their families through their entire journey from diagnosis to care to recovery.

Private Health is committed to understanding and encouraging each team member’s unique needs and aspirations. We strive to create a vibrant and healthy work environment where learning is encouraged, inquisitiveness is celebrated, and excellence is recognized.

As a growing company, we are continually looking for exceptional individuals to join each of our teams:

Research & Analytics
PhDs, PharmDs and MPHs looking for opportunities to apply ground-breaking research to solve complex health challenges, one client at a time.

Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and RNs with a passion for developing highly personalized treatment plans, educating and advocating for their clients at each stage.


Clinical Service Coordinator Team

MPHs, RNs, and medical specialists who take pride in meticulously managing a myriad of critical details and coordinating care between each client’s unique team of providers.


Medical Records

Individuals with an understanding of the ethical, legal and regulatory rules of HIPPA who are maniacal and relentless in their pursuit of records to build a complete patient history to inform the diagnosis and treatment plan.


Physician Referrals

Technically savvy medical professionals to use our proprietary AI tools to find optimal physician referrals from a global database of 350 medical specialities to match each client’s unique needs based on PHM’s independent assessment of the health challenges.


Account Management & Sales

Knowledgeable sales & accounts leaders and project managers with experience bringing innovative health care solutions to individuals, families and organizations and ensuring our teams are well equipped to deliver high value service. ​


Business Shared Services

Administrative leaders and analysts across Finance & Administration, Marketing and Communications, Technology and Legal looking to apply their experience to a boutique business in the midst of strategic transformation in a high growth environment.

What we value

We are responsible for our actions and keeping our promises


We tell it like it is; don’t lie and don’t sugarcoat


We challenge the status quo to find the yes behind the no


We address the whole person


We give and receive feedback so we all can grow


We consider it a privilege to do what we do​

To explore whether Private Health is the next step in your career, visit our Career Center to review current job opportunities or submit your resume for us to keep on file for future openings.