About Private Health Management

 Private Health Management was founded in 2007 after Leslie D. Michelson and Gregg S. Britt saw the difference the best health care made in comparison to routine care in the fields of prostate cancer and HIV/AIDS. They saw people treated by the best doctors with the most advanced techniques do far better than those who did not, in what was often a matter of life or death. As seasoned health care executives, they helped family and friends navigate the healthcare system for years and saw an opportunity to bring the best of medicine to more people. 


Today, we continue to approach healthcare quality improvement and cost containment with a fresh perspective. Private Health Management® services deliver the best preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency care globally to individuals, families and companies. Our clinical support and empowerment services are available 24|7 and are custom-designed to improve quality of care, contain unnecessary costs, and reduce  anxiety and frustration. We deliver priority access to the world’s top physicians, built and maintain a proprietary database of more than 15,000 expert physicians and operate in more than 180 counties. We have an incredible leadership team.


We support our clients emotionally, intellectually, clinically, and logistically because that’s the way that we would want to be supported. Our clients become like family, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We’ve been honored to serve thousands of clients and save countless lives. We will be here for you too. 

Our Beliefs

  • The difference between routine care and the best care can be a matter of life and death

  • Getting the best care requires an entirely different approach 

  • We do not compromise on quality of care

  • Clients deserve comprehensive clinical, intellectual, logistical, and emotional support

  • Understanding the clinical problem is essential in order to craft the best solution