Membership Program

Urgent Intervention:

24/7 Medical Support

“Clinical coordination and resources for time-sensitive needs”

On-call clinicians will provide 24/7 triage and care coordination in the event of an urgent medical situation or emergency.

Medical Record Collection

“Maximize preparedness”
Collection and quarterly maintenance of all medical records and health information
USB membership card containing all medical records

Physician Referral

“Get top care”
Specialist Physician Information – Identification of the most applicable experienced and capable specialists with logistical support as needed including appointment scheduling, medical records transfer and follow-up.

Health Research

“Understand latest research”
Health Research and Information – Perform customized, objective research and provide detailed written reports to answer questions about a specific disease or treatment, prepared by research team of MDs & PhDs

Global Safety Net

Coverage away from home

“Stay covered by the best when away from home”

Access to our Global Safety Net of leading physicians and hospitals in 180 countries globally
Coordination of emergency care and emergency medical evacuations
(Cost for care not included in our fee)

Travel Health Reports

“Health security on the road”
For individuals traveling outside their home country
Include specifically recommended immunizations and preventive health measures, special warnings about travel-related infections and other health and safety risks, and pre-identified local physician(s) including contact information, notification of local physician that Client will be in the area should a medical need arise
(Up to three destinations per year per family.)

Intensive Case Management

Active case management for serious medical conditions

“The best care possible when you need it most”

  • Comprehensive coordination of all health care needs for serious medical conditions for up to 60 days
  • Assembly of clinician-led personal care team tailored to coordinating the specific resources required
  • Medical records collection
  • Referral to top experts to ensure accurate and complete diagnosis
  • Identification and timely access to the most experienced and capable specialists
  • Intensive research into the medical literature to ensure that the patient and physicians have the latest research findings
  • Facilitate communication across all health care resources so they can function as a single team
  • Customized education materials so patients can make informed choices
  • Management of all logistics
  • Guaranteed access to Intensive Case Management Service at heavily discounted Membership Price