Intensive Case Management

Active case management for serious medical conditions
“The best care possible when you need it most”

  • Comprehensive coordination of all health care needs for serious medical conditions
  • Assembly of clinician-led personal care team tailored to coordinating the specific resources required
  • Medical records collection
  • Referral to top experts to ensure accurate and complete diagnosis
  • Identification and timely access to the most experienced and capable specialists

  • Intensive research into the medical literature to ensure that the patient and physicians have the latest research findings
  • Facilitate communication across all health care resources so they can function as a
    single team
  • Customized education materials so patients can make informed choices
  • Management of all logistics

Our Intensive Case Management service is designed for people with a significant medical need, having just received a serious diagnosis or fighting a chronic, deteriorating health condition.

We provide Intensive Case Management patients a support team unlike any other, marshaling the very best medical resources in the world to work together on behalf of our patient.

The Personal Care Team is deeply committed to excellence and ensures that each patient is diagnosed and treated by the most expert, experienced, and specialized physicians for their clinical condition. The Team coordinates all logistics, including scheduling medical appointments, and provides each patient and family emotional and decision-making support at a challenging time.

1. Immersion

Gathering all of the necessary information about your particular health situation including gather all existing medical records, diagnostic tests, medical imaging, lab tests etc., as applicable for your particular case

2. Diagnosis

Determining or confirming the accuracy of the diagnosis of your health condition, to ensure that exactly the right experts and treatments are being identified and evaluated;

3. Treatment

Establishing a treatment plan involving world-leading experts to address your health condition

4. Follow-up

Ensuring the treatment plan is implemented optimally to obtain the best possible outcome. The following diagram illustrates this four-step process using the Personal Care team, research into the medical literature and top experts



Physicians, nurses and clinical

Provide care management and coordination


MDs and PhDs

Ensure that the patient benefits from the latest research

Top Physician Specialists


Ensure the patient gets the best care


We customize our services for each individual under our care, based on his or her unique medical situation and service expectations.
Our Intensive Case Management service begins by assigning to a clinician-led Personal Care Team to comprehensively coordinate your care. We will utilize our extensive resources to ensure that you are treated by the most expert, experienced, and specialized physicians. In addition, your Personal Care Team will provide information, perform research of the medical and scientific literature and provide care-related logistical support, including scheduling medical appointments, as well as provide you and your family emotional and decision-making support.



Comprehensive Care Coordination

Ensure seamless coordination across all healthcare providers.

The PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® Lead Clinician will brief each specialist before key consultations and obtain debriefing after each appointment;

Manage all logistics involved in care, as needed; and,

Create a comprehensive, centralized and updated medical record so that all care is guided by complete, current information.


Collection and Review of All Medical Records

We will collect all medical records from your physicians and review them to ensure that all issues are being fully addressed.


Consultation With Leading Specialists

We will help identify additional leading experts to discuss the array of treatment options available to you and to ensure that you benefit from their expertise.


Education About Available Treatment Options

We will discuss with you the pros and cons of each of the different types of treatment options and provide you with sufficient information about what to expect so you can make an educated decision about your treatment.


Minimizing Side Effects

We will proactively address issues of quality of life that are typically affected by each treatment strategy, and work with your physicians on implementing strategies to minimize side effects wherever possible.


Monitoring for Treatment Response

We will ensure that imaging studies and laboratory studies are properly conducted to ensure that we catch early any signs of poor treatment response or disease recurrence and thereby identify any need for additional or alternative treatment.



We will assist in managing logistics as desired, including scheduling appointments and coordinating with all members of the management team.


Decision Support

We will help you understand your health and support you in making key choices about your care.



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