Private Health Management
Private Health Participant
Private Health’s services are customized to meet the needs and expectations of each patient.


Our Intensive Case Management service provides active case management for serious medical conditions, ensuring the patient receives the best possible care when they need it most. We provide each patient a clinician-led Personal Care Team that provides comprehensive clinical leadership of all aspects of the case. We ensure that the diagnosis is accurate, all appropriate tests have been performed and interpreted properly and all potentially helpful treatments have been considered objectively and carefully. We obtain consultations from the top experts, conduct research in the medical literature, and ensure that our patients are being treated by the most experienced and capable specialists.

Our Clinical Response Service is designed for companies that recognize that their employees’ health is vitally important to their success. We provide covered employees unlimited access to our physician referral service and unlimited use of our research team to address health related questions. We also include in our retainers payment for a set number of Intensive Case Management cases and provide management for medical emergencies outside of the country. We customize our services and fees to meet the needs of each client.

Our Membership Program is designed for generally healthy individuals and families. Under this program we collect and organize all medical records, provide them to each patient on a credit card that fits in a wallet and provide physician referrals and clinical information. We guarantee that we will reserve capacity to respond immediately with our Intensive Case Management service if required and provide that service at discounted member’s price.



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