PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® services provide the definitive source for priority access to the very best physicians and surgeons in the world. Our clinician-led Personal Care Teams, in concert with our expert advisory board of world-class specialists, develop state-of-the-art treatment plans for our clients and coordinate all medical and logistical aspects of their care. Our Care Teams are available to our clients 24/7 without limitation.

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Priority access to ‘best of the best’ specialists

Each year, hundreds of specialist and sub-specialist physicians are lauded in national and local surveys for their expertise, knowledge, and skill. And while these “best of” lists often include many fine physicians, the criteria for inclusion is frequently just anecdotal.

The selection process for inclusion in our Network of Specialist Physicians is far more exacting. We conduct extensive research, evaluating each physician’s contributions to the medical literature, approach to patient care, and the level of respect they engender among their peers.

Our network is composed of more than 6,000 American and European physicians and surgeons who represent more than 300 medical specialties and sub-specialties, each of whom has attained incomparable prominence in their respective field. Our close working relationships with these physicians ensure timely entrée and personalized attention for our patients. We are independent of any health plan, hospital, or medical group, so we can serve our patients’ interests objectively, without regard to institutional loyalties or even geography.

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Coordinated care: the key to excellence in health care
Clinician-led personal care teams
Comprehensive health assessment
Personalized clinical management plan
Secure, electronic medical record-keeping
Global reach
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