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The Specialist of Specialists

Today’s leading specialist physicians have narrowed their focus to specialize in specific diseases, patient populations, and even in specific treatments. Identifying and gaining priority access to these best-in-class specialists is a core component of PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® service offerings.

After undergoing her annual executive physical at a major academic institution, “Mrs. M,” a non-smoking 51-year-old Asian who lives in London, was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer. A review of previous exams revealed that two years earlier the radiologist had noted a suspicious spot that should have been followed-up on… but wasn’t. Now the prognosis was bleak; Mrs. M was told that given the advanced state of her cancer no treatment option was likely to be successful and that she had only a few months to live.

But Mrs. M wasn’t ready to give up. She retained PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® services to seek out a possible life-saving solution.

PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® researchers combed through the medical literature to identify “the specialist of specialists” on Mrs. M’s condition, a New York-based medical oncologist who focused on treating lung cancer in non-smokers and Asians. We arranged for her to fly to New York for an examination.

After personally evaluating Mrs. M’s condition, the specialist did not concur that Mrs. M’s condition was terminal. In conjunction with the patient’s PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® Personal Care Team, he developed an advanced therapy program for her, and, to ensure the most effective follow-up care, we arranged for Mrs. M to see a specialist physician in London who was familiar with the New York physician’s treatment protocol.

Nearly two years later, Ms. M’s “untreatable” lung cancer is still in remission, much to her pleasure and that of her husband and three daughters.

Urgent Need

Private Health Management’s Intensive Case Management services are available to individuals who have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or chronic health condition and require an intensive approach to address their medical needs.

“Mr. S,” a 59-year-old resident of Palm Beach, Florida, had long had a degenerative cardiovascular disease. But when his cardiologist recommended a heart valve replacement, he retained PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® services to seek out a better option if at all possible. Mr. S was well aware of the risks inherent in open-heart surgery as well as the difficulty in managing the medications typically required for life after a valve replacement.

Within three days of our first conversation with Mr. S, we were able to arrange for him to speak personally to the three cardiothoracic surgeons in the US most expert in treating cases similar to his. All had been personally briefed by Mr. S’s PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® lead clinician. One of the surgeons, “Dr. L,” suggested that it might be possible to repair the valve, rather than replace it. As that involved a minimally invasive approach rather than open-heart surgery and would not require the same difficult post-operative drug regimen as a replacement, it was our recommendation that Dr. L perform Mr. S’s surgery. We also made special arrangements to have Dr. L personally perform the procedure, rather than having it executed by a surgical fellow under his supervision.

Less than a week later, Mr. S was in surgery, where his heart valve turned out to be in even worse condition than originally thought. But Dr. L’s technical skills enabled him to successfully perform the repair. Just 14 days after calling Private Health Management, Mr. S was back in Florida, living comfortably, feeling considerably better, and looking forward to a long-planned vacation in China.

24/7 Care

One of the most important services we provide to our clients is our global safety net. We are equipped to ensure that our clients receive the best care available in emergency situations in 180 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

While on a business trip to Sao Paulo, PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® patient “Mr. B” woke up at 2 AM “sick as a dog.” Light-headed and extremely dizzy, a call to the hotel’s front desk didn’t comfort him; the clerk suggested that he go to the local hospital emergency room. The idea of being transported to a strange hospital alone, unable to speak Portuguese, terrified Mr. B.

That’s when he called his PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® clinician’s cell phone. She answered the call after just 2 rings. After assessing his symptoms, the clinician concluded that Mr. B was most likely dehydrated from food poisoning and needed intravenous hydration as quickly as possible.

Within 30 minutes, a car and driver, accompanied by a qualified translator, arrived at the hotel to escort Mr. B to the best emergency facility in Sao Paulo. Private Health Management had already electronically dispatched his medical records and briefed the supervising physician on the patient’s condition, which expedited his treatment. IV fluids as well as a medication to control nausea were administered and after an examination and further treatment, Mr. B was able to return to his hotel.

By mid-afternoon he was back on schedule, meeting with business colleagues who had flown in that morning and preparing for a key dinner meeting. As Mr. B said to his PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® clinician later that day,

“There is nothing worse than getting sick in a strange city where you don’t speak the language, especially when you’re all alone. Not only were you there for me, the staff at the hospital were able to treat me immediately and effectively because you had just gotten off the phone with them. Everyone was on the same page as to what I likely had and what the appropriate treatment was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”