“The other ‘experts’ gave me a few months to live, but PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® staff introduced me to the world’s expert in my condition. 2 years later, my ‘terminal’ cancer is still in remission”

Find out how we helped Mrs M with our team of worldwide experts.

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“My personal doctor had advised a risky heart valve replacement procedure. 7 days after contacting PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® services I was in surgery with a skilled surgeon who successfully performed an alternative, less invasive procedure.”

Find out how we helped Mr.S avoid risky surgery and found the most skilled surgeon to help with his condition.


In every profession, there are many who are very good and a few – a very few – who are truly excellent.

PRIVATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT ® services stand for excellence in medicine. Care without compromise.

We are the definitive source for priority access to the very finest physicians and surgeons in the world. Our clinician-led Personal Care Teams, in concert with our expert advisory board of world-class specialists, develop state-of-the-art treatment plans for our clients and coordinate all medical and logistical aspects of their care. Our Care Teams are available to our clients 24/7 without limitation.

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